Advertising of the client

Advertising of the client

Increasing production area and amount of machines is not the main feature of the company growth. They are just tools, which helps our team to reach more efficiency. Vivid example is our recent project — pattern for electric motor skeleton. The casting is on the photo.

The company, for which we made these patterns, Promlit Ltd. (Cheboksary) is a large producer of castings for railway purposes, iron and steel castings for automotive industry in Russia.

«Such type of patterns is not the first one for us» - says Sergey Bogushevich, director of Ingetech. «We have already manufacture similar product, but this time we get an significant result. We made set of patterns for this detail contains from 2 models an 16 core boxes for almost 2 months. Last time it took 3 months.»

 Two biggest core boxes were made by layering technology, when on prepared core you put lay of gelcoat and then reinforcing paste. After polymerization we get a thin-walled frame with hardwearing shaping surface.

This technology lets decrease the weight of models. In this case we reduce it 4 times (compared with usual milling).

The chief technologist Artem Kanaev says: «Applying of this technology reasonable not only for weight decreasing but also for saving money. Using of gelcoat instead of typical milling is 6 times cheaper.»

It is not the new technology, we use it for many years, but comparising figures are still amazing.