We simply create forms
of different complexity.
Our work gives the start of the series.
It is a great responsibility.
It must be supported by knowledge and skills.
We took it for our selves by choosing the engineering work as our

About us

Feedback from our clients

Polimet Ltd thanks Ingetech’s team for qualitative and timely delivery of patterns for our foundry .
Ingetech Ltd proves that they are reliable supplier who delivers pattern on time in full volume.
Patterns we get from Ingetech are always of the best quality and meet all requirements of foundrymen. Responses to all our appeals are always fast and professional.
Separate gratitude to Ingetech for information support. We got professional advice to any question about production of iron castings.
We will be glad to work in joint projects in future too.

Andrey Shek
General director
Polimet Ltd (Polevskoy)
info@polimet 66.ru
+7 (34350) 3-57-08

My dear Friends from INGETECH
 I would like to thank you once again  for your great hospitality and helpfulness during my visit to Yekaterinburg. It was great
 I appreciate the opportunity to meet Russian colleagues, openness to exchange of views and experience, friendliness. 
Just like us in the Czech Republic, you in Russia do not have easy business. 
 But I have seen determination, strength, expertise and clever solutions. 
 I have seen smart and capable people who understand what they are doing. 
Thank you again for your openness in sharing experiences. 
 Your courage and the style with which you deal  your work tasks  are my inspiration. 
 The way how  you are thinking  motivates me. 

MgA. Ondřej Tajovský 
 BOSKO, spol. s r.o. 
 Sportovní 382 
 679 02 Rájec-Jestřebí 

 tel/fax.:  00420 516 433 680 
 mobil  :  00420 605 298 274 
 email  : ondrej.tajovsky@bosko.cz 
 web    : http://www.bosko.cz

At the beginning of 2016 our production increased greatly. Our pattern department could not manage with such kind of work. It was decided to find a company, which specializes on pattern production. I started to ask my colleagues from other foundries for advice. The first company they name was Ingetech Ltd. Then I analyzed the market, visited some companies in several Russian cities, and made a list of potential pattern suppliers.

In September 2016 we started to launch our projects  with five companies. Ingetech’s specialists asked the most questions of all. They distracted our technologists from routine work, but when we get to production of casting (machine mainframe) using Ingetech’s pattern there were no question how to use it, all information was in the instruction from Ingetech. It was great! And when we get to assembling the machine with this mainframe we did it without any troubles and questions from machine shop workers. It means we get the highest level of quality.

Every time I visit this company I find something new in their work, in their approach to pattern production. Ingetech is a team of always thinking people with fertile mind under the guidance of creative and energetic leaders. This is the company, which never do not stand still.

Now if we have a problem to produce a pattern for difficult castings, Ingetech is the only company we go to.

Ilya Antonyuk

Chief Metallurgist

LLC "NPO "Stankostroenie"


I would like to thank your team for  collaboration in import replacement, for efficient and well-coordinated work. We made a great job together. We mastered new foundry billets and alloys undertime. Hope to continue collaboration with your team.

Skvortsov Petr,

Chief technologist

NPP START, Yekaterinburg



We learned about Ingetech long before we asked them for help. We heard from our colleagues that Ingetech's team is able to solve difficult engineering problems concerning working out a castig technology, designing and manufacturing complicated patterns. Some time later we also applied to Ingetech. We make sure ourselves that Ingetech is a team of creative specialists, thay can solve any engineering problem. Before the productions process started all alternative choices were studied. Joint efforts helps to find the best choice for production process. Main characteristics of this company are professionalism, responsibility and creativity. Products are ready in time and with acceptable price. Quality of the patterns allows to get accurate assamlage of core boxes and geometric relationship of the castings.

Chief executive

ZKLZ Ltd, Kurgan

Rybakov Evgeniy


+7(912)978-50-00                                                                                           e-mail: zklz@kmz.ru

For 5 years of collaboration Ingetech's team produced for our company about 200 foundry patterns. It includes 2 magnificent projects for production of unique large-dimension aluminium castings which weight is about 300 kg each one. Undoubted professionalism, responsibility and creativity. 

I hope we will go halves in intensive creation work and in joy of success also. 

Chief of engineering and design department

SC "Litmashdetal"Dzhafarov Nurmagomed


e-mail: ktb-lmd@mail.ru

Let me thank you and your colleagues for quick and quality work. Shaping for our core boxes on Laempe 100 made in your company suit all the set sizes.

High-speed making is important for us as in any industry. Here we were pleased with you as well.

Your showpiece - «Swimmer» characterizes your work. «Swimmer» means further, faster, and to victory. We hope to have our further cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Galina Fakhrutdinova,
metallurgical center-chief metallurgist of «VMP» Avitek (Kirov)
+7 (8332) 740-067
E-mail: info@vmpavitec.ru

«INGETECH» is a team of professionals with a capital letter. They do not only do their job correctly, but also provide a full range of services: design sketches, performing to the parameters of the customer equipment, warranty and after sales service. And the most valuable thing for us is quick response and fast production times of quality products. Speed ​and Quality is the key to our company's cooperation with «INGETECH».

Andrey Kachalaba
General director of «PC Vertex-Transstal» LTD (Moscow / Chelyabinsk)

During many years of cooperation between teams of our businesses, we have the very positive impression of the company «INGETECH». We are happy with the competence of your employees, and positive morale. Also I`d like to thank you for the timely response to solving any problems. from the search for new, high-tech materials to manufacture of high-quality equipment in a short time at a reasonable price.

Dmitry Isahin,
Deputy. CEO of commerce
«Liteiny Center» Ltd. ( Verkhniy Ufalej, Chelyabinsk region)
tel.: +7 (35164) 2-36-36, 2-42-06

The main purpose of collaboration with «INGETECH» was to develop a new range of sanitary ceramic products in short periods and model making of high precision.

During the period of our cooperation (2011-2012 year) 4 types of washbasins, 4 types of pedestals, 2 toilets, 2 tanks with lids, and 4 types of polyurethane foam detachable stands were developed and implemented in the production of our «factory of ceramic products» All models were made by «INGETECH.» In total - 15 types of complex and multi-finished products.

Andrey Petrov,
Chief Technologist «Plant of ceramic products» (Yekaterinburg)

Over the years of joint work, the company “Ingetech” has produced dozens of sets of foundry equipment on orders of PSM-hydraulics and has proved itself as a reliable partner with high-tech equipment and wide experience in manufacturing.
Only highly - qualified specialists are worked here. They can do their job cleverly and on time, can research the problem correctly and suggest the alternative solutions.

Best wishes,
Pavel Shmidt,
сhief engineer «PSM-hydraulics» (Yekaterinburg)

The company” Ingetech” has produced the model equipment for the steel mill PC NEVZ since 2009 . Using this snap-ins cast housings of the engines of locomotives are made. This material does not respond with a mixture of cold-hardening sand of the process , has a resistance to elevated temperature of the mixture to the 60 C. Equipment can withstand more than 1000 sets without conducting repairing works.
Accuracy of a snap provides quality assembled forms, the minimum number of bays in the casting and high geometric accuracy casting.
Specialists in Ingetech design and manufacture snap-in in accordance with the arranged time. Also they control the work of snap-in in the period of the warranty service and eliminate all the comments in a short time.
If necessary, they give recommendations for the change of snap-in to specialists in PC NEVZ.
Technological support of metallurgical department is pleased with your specialists` work. We hope for the further cooperation.

Sergey Sariev,
сhief engineer «PC «NEVZ» Ltd (Novocherkassk)
+7 86352 92528