Ingetech was created to make the life better. Life of clients, employees and their families. For 14 years Ingetech becomes not only one of the leaders among russian pattern making companies but also a part of country's economy

       Ingetech Ltd. designs and manufactures patterns and core boxes for the following technological processes:

  • hand molding

  • machine molding

  • molding on automatic lines and core making machines

  • evaporative-pattern casting 

  • investment casting

  • gravity casting of refractory and ceramic products.

       The company provides a full range of services: 

  • design of patterns and core boxes for foundries;

  • manufacturing of patterns and core boxes using PUR based block materials, other composite materials, metal and wood;

  • commissioning works, warranty service, alteration of patterns and core boxes.

       Several facts about Ingetech Ltd.:

  • the team of 35 people serve about 90 clients per year

  • more than 200 clients for the last 5 years.